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Choosing Health!®

Choosing Health!® is a year-round campaign designed to provide opportunities for the Capital Area to learn about and use existing programs to achieve healthy lifestyles. Comprised of over 120 Resource Partners, the Choosing Health!® movement focuses on encouraging physical activity, increasing healthy eating, preventing substance abuse and tobacco use, and promoting mental health.

Visit the Choosing Health!® page to learn more about the campaign, participating organizations, resources, and initiatives such as Let's Walk, Healthy Eating, and Choosing Health!® Rallies.

Let's Walk and Talk with a Doctor Series

Let’s Walk and Talk with a Doctor (LWTD) is a walking series created by CAHA, through its Healthy Lifestyles Committee, that combines the expertise of local physicians and the social support of walking groups to encourage walking. Each of the LWTD events lasts approximately an hour. The event incorporates, among other things, a short motivational talk by the mentor physician and a 30-minute walk with the mentor physician. During this time, the participants will have an opportunity to interact with the physician and ask healthy lifestyle related questions. 

What CAHA Members are Saying

"CAHA's role as a coordinating body...assures healthcare needs of the community are met and changes in healthcare policy and provision of care are planned for. More than any one healthcare organization alone, CAHA combines the strength of all members of the organization to give us greater ability to provide for the healthcare needs of the community."

"CAHA is an organization that allows competing agencies to work together and achieve mutual goals that benefit our communities. CAHA provides connectivity and pathways of communication that enable all of us to offer services that enhance the health and well-being of the people of the tri-county region."

"[CAHA brings] organizations together and bring[s] opportunities for developing joint programs, services, educational endeavors, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. CAHA has been the leader in the region for healthy lifestyles."